Safety Tips for Concrete Core Drilling in Brisbane

Concrete core drilling is among the most common activities that are done on worksites across Brisbane. Concrete core drilling involves drilling precise circular openings on structures made using concrete. In most cases concrete core drilling projects are done when preparing spaces for installing utility. This activity can be done in both new and old structures. Concrete core drilling projects are mainly performed by people who are trained and specialise in manipulating masonry or concrete.

However, there are some situations when electricians, plumbers, builders and renovators may carry out concrete core drilling procedures. Despite the person taking control of the job. It is always important for one to maintain safety of the people around them and themselves which may not be easy for most people. The good thing is that if you know certain safety tips, you will always obtain quality results and safe concrete core drilling.

Tips to assure you safe concrete core drilling in Brisbane

What is concrete core drilling and how can you perform it safely?

When you are performing concrete core drilling, you need to know that if you make the wrong decisions, there will result in improper opening and the structures around might be damaged.  Therefore, if you are planning on performing concrete core drilling in Brisbane, the following are some of the tips that you need to make sure to keep everyone and every structure safe.

  • Choosing the right drill

Whenever you are planning to perform concrete core drilling, you must always remember that you must have the right drill for the job ahead of you. The main types of drills that you find include handheld concrete core drills and large concrete core drills that are mountable of stands or heavy duty rigs. The type of concrete core drill you need will be determined by the size of holes you need to drill. Therefore make sure that you select a concrete core drill that will be suitable for your job.

  • Choose a drill suitable motor option

Concrete core drill motors can be air, hydraulic or electric powered. Each of the types of power formats you find has its benefits and disadvantages. As you select the power format suitable for you, you need to think about the power source you can access at your worksite.  Also the nature of the worksites determined which type of motor options is safe for your concrete core drilling.

  • Find the right attachment

You will need specific stands depending on the locations you will be drilling specific holes. The kind of attachment that you select should be determined by where you will be drilling your holes. For instance if you are planning to drill holes on slabs and on walls, you will not use the same type of attachments. You must therefore select the kind of attachment that is suitable for your case before you begin concrete core drilling.

  • Select the right drill bit

Concrete core drills require bits that are diamond tipped. The bits had cutting surfaces made using powdered metal and industrial diamonds. When selecting the bit to use with your concrete core drill, you need to make the right choices. The type of drill bit you select should be determined by how hard the aggregate material used in making targeted concrete surfaces are and the compressive strength of the surface.

  • Scan the concrete before drilling

You must make sure that all the concrete structures are scanned before they are drilled. This helps you locate any subsurface features and also discover the locations of utilities and rebar.

How you can enhance your safety in the worksites when concrete core drilling in Brisbane

When you are performing concrete core drilling in Brisbane, you can do the following things to enhance your safety.

  • Wear goggles
  • Use earplugs to prevent ear damage
  • Wear gloves for hand protections
  • Read and understand your concrete core drill’s manual

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