Is becoming a mechanic a lucrative career choice?

To answer the question is, yes and no. The career can be fulfilling if you love it and can be a drawback if you are not the type to dirty their hands on a day to day activities.

As a mechanic, you are expected to fix technical issues on cars, machinery, and commercial manufacturing plants. You are expected to build and repair them when required. There is an array of fields for a mechanic to choose from, for example; car mechanic, plant mechanic, plant operators, machinery mechanics, motorcycle mechanic, aviation mechanic, diesel mechanic, industrial mechanic, among other fields in the mechanic world.

Consider the mechanic as a career

Many people still need to be encouraged to join the mechanic industry as a career of their choices, especially women, who more often than not believe that mechanic thing is a man’s affair. Women should stand up to their heed and scramble for a fair share of careers in the mechanic industry. The notion in the public that mechanic is suited for men alone should be a thing of the past. Also, the notion that the mechanic field is for the failures not smart enough to secure a college education is backward and rhetoric.

I have three reasons to support my argument above:

1. College courses nowadays are like gambling: You invest a lot of money in college education with no guarantee to secure a job as a return on investment, especially arts and humanities.

2. Fixing mechanical problems is not easy: Regarding mechanic as a field for failures is weakening if not heartbreaking. How on earth fixing complex car issues are becomes easy? In fact, it takes a long time and needs hands-on practice and experience to handle. More so, today’s mechanic professionals deserve a lot of respect. Every aspect in their field is computerized, so technically they need to have IT knowledge before they perform their duties. Everything is electronic and you need to know how a computer works to be successful.

3. Mechanical services are valuable: Without mechanical engineers, the world would come to a standstill; it is the heart of every dimension in life in today’s world.

Advantages of becoming a mechanic

  • You will have multiple options to choose from in your area of specialization
  • You have the potential of becoming an entrepreneur as a mechanic
  • You will be presented with lucrative job opportunities with good remuneration if not the best when you complete a formal course in mechanic
  •  Formal mechanical courses can be learned while still in high school level

–          Endless job openings requiring mechanical background

Disadvantages of becoming a mechanic

  •  More often, you may be required to work during odd hours of the day.
  •  You will meet complex mechanical problems that are hard to crack
  •  Safety risks with mechanics are common
  •  The field is becoming competitive