5 Common Lawsuits You Can Avoid By Following The Law

If you’re a law abiding citizen and want to keep it that way, you should aware yourself of the do’s and don’ts of society commonly referred to as laws. Here are 5 common lawsuits you can easily avoid by following the law;


Negligence can also be one of the more common causes of getting sued over. If someone gets hurt or suffers damages because of your negligence, then they can sue and are usually entitled to compensation if found on the right side of the law. An example can be of scaffolding hire sydney injuries on construction sites which have no signage, safety warnings or safety equipment – if someone gets hurt, then it can come down to the contractor or the person responsible to pay for the damages and compensate for his negligence that cause the claimant to suffer.


Any kind of discrimination is deemed not only immoral and unethical but also illegal in most countries. Be it gender or racial discrimination , discrimination based on bias or any other kind that favors one individual or group over the other based on an unacceptable reason is not usually tolerated in any court of law.

Wrongful termination

This is one of the more common causes of workplace lawsuits. If companies fire someone over personal grudges or wrongful causes then they can be sued over wrongful termination. It is a lawsuit that is taken very seriously in the court of law and more often than not, if the claimant has the evidence to back up his claim – the court gives a ruling in his favor and he is entitled to a hefty compensation!

Breach of contract

Any sort of contract breach between two or more parties can result in filing of a lawsuit. If certain terms of agreement are deviated from, then conflict resolution can often go on the backburner and lawsuit takes the driver’s seat. The best thing to do to avoid getting sued is to mutually agree on the terms and not stray from them. Compensation or settlements can cost you a lot more money in the long run than you can hope to save by breaching an unfavourable contract!


Violation of somebody’s civil rights can also lead to the offender being sued by the victim. The two kinds of torts – intentional and unintentional include a lot of violations that can be caused against somebody’s civil rights. An example for intentional torts can be to wrongfully evict or arrest someone due to some bias. Unintentional torts can include bodily damage caused to an individual due to something you’re responsible for.

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